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Zone 8 fall inspection

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Zone 8 fall inspection

I’m in North Louisiana, zone 8 and we’ve got at least a few more weeks before our first frost. Our goldenrod flow has just finished and there’s still a few more minor plants flowering (baccharis etc) I’ve just got the one hive (going into second winter) and am a little unsure about how to approach. There’s one deep and two mediums. Deep is packed out. First medium was full of honey a few weeks ago and now there’s a few frames that have been emptied. There’s a little bit of brood in those frames. Top medium was totally empty for a long time. I left it on anticipating the goldenrod flow and it looks like they started on one frame. More bees in there than ever before but it’s still really empty. Should I go ahead and take that one off? Also, although there’s a lot of bees in the actual hive, I didn’t see a lot of entrance activity until I had been there for a while- only one bee came in with a tiny amount of pollen. Looked like some were getting turned away at the entrance. Does that sound like robbing behavior? I have an entrance reducer on. Also, why would the honey stores be reducing right after a flow? It was a good goldenrod year! I was hoping to get that top super filled but I am happy to leave them what they have for the winter. I know that’s not super precise info. My mentor kinda bowed out (too busy) and on the meantime before I find somebody else I just feel super out of my depth. Thanks y’all!

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