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Yellow jackets and feeding etc.

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Yellow jackets and feeding etc.

Slight conundrum here: Over the last few days I’ve noticed the yellow jackets trying to get in. The most I’ve counted were 5 and I managed to get the entrance reduced which has greatly helped the bees defend the hive. So they are hanging around but no one gets in. Issue is I want to feed them because they don’t seem to be bringing back a lot of pollen. Eventually I’d like to do mite treatment too but I’m nervous about providing more entry points to the invaders

As far as I can find about the yellow jackets, they nest in the ground or a crevice type area and I haven’t seen anything obvious. Trapping them doesn’t seem to work well at least according to some extension sites. The most effective thing is to put out a ton to try and grab their queen or destroy the nest.

Last full check everything looked good. No mites. Nice laying queen.

Ideas or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys !!

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