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Yellow dripping?

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Yellow dripping?

I wasn’t sure what other sub to go to, I know this isn’t exactly beekeeping related but this seemed like a good place of experts and enthusiasts for me to take this question to. So – I was taking a break at work today and there was a bee buzzin in front of my face. I was watching it for a second and this yellow stuff squirted out of from somewhere – I was too shocked by it to take notice of where it came from.

I googled this and found a video of a bee doing something similar? But not exactly. This was telling me that the bee was pooping and it was a video of this little guy squirting a clear liquid from its butt on a steady, quick squirt. That’s not exactly what I saw, what I saw was like little yellow almost thick? looking droplets and then when I looked down there were 5-6 tiny yellow splats on the ground.

So my question is – did I see a bee poop or was this some sort of honey secretion or something? Please feel free to point me in the direction of the right sub if this isn’t the best place for this question and thank you 🙂

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