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Wrapped up for the winter

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Wrapped up for the winter

I care for two hives at a local community garden in NH. While winter is late here — going to be in the upper 50s this week, sadly — I got the hives wrapped up a couple of weekends ago when it was dipping into the 30s overnight. This is my first New England winter as a beekeeper, having first taken up the hobby in the South, and I'm hoping I've got enough here to keep the girls warm.

I wrapped the hives in an insulated blanket — basically a layer of bubble wrap sandwiched between layers of foil/mylar — and then wrapped that in heavy black plastic. Both layers are secured with copious amounts of all-weather duct tape. Mouse guards are in place and the screened bottom boards are still open, though the black plastic goes down to ground level, and I made sure to leave the upper entrance clear. Under the outer cover I put a sheet of inch-thick foam, and I wrapped a ratchet strap around the whole thing to keep it secure.

I welcome any feedback from more experienced cold-weather beeks on my setup, thanks!


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