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Working on adjacent hives?

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Working on adjacent hives?

We have had a pair of hives for 6 years now and are pretty knowledgeable about the hobby but are always learning new stuff. The one thing we've never really figured out is how to work on one hive without irritating the other. I always smoke the girls before we do any exploring without incident. The other hive is sometimes a different story.

Last weekend we did our first OAV treatment and the first hive went off without a hitch. The second one got really angry as soon as we put the vaporizer in the opening. We were attacked and had a real tough time getting thru the process.

We have (generally) docile hives so it's clear that we are doing something wrong. We don't have a hot hive as it really doesn't seem to matter which one we start with, the other (almost always) gets irritated.

Any advice?

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