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Woohoo… I think this hives coming back.

We are grateful you are here

Woohoo… I think this hives coming back.

I have an observation hive in my house (ten frames in two stacks of five sandwiched between two plates of glass). This hive swarmed late in the season (it's a bit problematic as you can't put supers on it, so I keep splitting it as it fills). I was not sure it was going to make it over the winter and we've been staring at it this spring. I was heartened to see girls bringing pollen in.

The problem with this design is that you can't see in the middle of the double frames so it's hard to tell what activity is going on. But my wife called me just now and pointed out that the queen was laying on one of the visible frames. There definitely seems to be more bees than a few weeks ago when I was thinking I might have to start over on this.

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