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Wondering about drone brood patterns

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Wondering about drone brood patterns

I have two hives: one a strong Italian group that are doing excellent work already and occupying most of three deeps. The other a swarm catch that’s teeny and occupying about half of two mediums still.

In last night’s inspection, I noticed the Italian hive has a TON of drone brood – more than I’ve ever seen in one hive. And I also noticed the swarm hive has none.

Thinking at a larger scale, does the following make sense: Healthy hives with a strong queen and enough resources might make a lot of drones in order to share that successful DNA out to other hives, since a drone’s only real purpose is to mate. Is it an example of survival (and perpetuation) of the fittest in my backyard?

That’s why the flourishing hive is doubling down on drones? Sunday morning coffee thought exercises…

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