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Winter prep!

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Winter prep!

Hey guys, noob question here

Coming up is my first winter (New England winter, it’s no joke up here on the coast guys) and we had a pretty rough fall with a good sized drought, I didn’t see hardly any goldenrod. Both my hives are strong and I kept them with 2 brood boxes packed pretty well with honey. I plan to make a quilt box (wood shavings) with a candy board space in the center, as well as a foam insulation jacket.

Now on to my question..

It’s around 50 degrees f, and I’m not sure if they’ll drink syrup, what’s the earliest you guys put a candy board in? At what point should I be concerned they don’t have enough food?

Also I’m confident in my protection and ventilation, but do you guys think that’s a good method for overwinter humidity control? Anything you’d do differently?

I appreciate any and all input

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