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Winter Inspection – January 18, 2020 – Zone 9b

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Winter Inspection – January 18, 2020 – Zone 9b

Warm enough day for a quick peak and holy moly! I was confident they had the numbers to overwinter but I did not assume I would see 2 brood boxes FULL of bees in this hive! Did an OA drip since I was planning to anyway, but far from broodless as you can see from the photo.

Winter here just off the northern CA coast is always mild, but we still have a few months of on-again, off-again frost left yet.

I'm moving into my 2nd season –> a few questions:

  • I intend to split this hive, when is a good time to do that? I don't want to split before there are drones out and about, but I don't want them to swarm. Today there were 7 frames total with some amount of brood.
  • I'd like to feed pollen sub while there is still little forage. When is a good time to do that?

I know a lot of this stuff is very local, but after just 1 season I realized the beekeepers here who I know are much more hands-off than I am comfortable with. If there is any general advice, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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