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Windows in langstroth hives?

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Windows in langstroth hives?

I’m brand new to beekeeping, and setting up my first two langstroth hives. I have seen where some people modify theirs to add plexiglass windows in the sides of the hives (adding the cut wood back as a hinged door) to make an easy way to peek into the hives. I have four kids who would love this as a way to see the bees in action (without me having to buy them all suits), and for me to peek in from time to time between inspections just to see. But I’ve also read some warnings that even with the hinged door, too much heat can escape, light can creep in, or dangerous moisture accumulates on the plexiglass.

The “warnings” seem to be somewhat anecdotal in nature (“the one time I tried it, my hive absconded”), but I also haven’t really seen anyone share about long-term success with hives using these windows. So my question is this: if you’ve tried a Langstroth hive with observation windows, what has been your experience? I’m particularly interested to hear from those who have used one for more than one year, and have used hives with and without windows and can compare. I’d love to do it, but only if I’m confident it’s not going to hinder my bees’ success in the hive.

Fwiw, we are in upstate SC.

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