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Will my ladies be ok? [Varroa mites] California Bay Area

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Will my ladies be ok? [Varroa mites] California Bay Area

Hey everyone.

This is my first year of beekeeping and I’ve run into Varroa mites. Now, I knew it was only a matter of time before I got them but I’m a little worried.

I have 1 brood box and 2 medium supers. I did a sugar roll about a month and a half ago. I found one mite out of 200 bees. Due to certain factors I wasn't able to check them again until last Sunday. When I did a sugar roll on Sunday, I had found about 8 mites per 100 bees. I immediately removed the super which was fully capped and harvested the honey. I let the bees clean the frames and stored them away. After that I treated with apiguard. I placed the 50g tray on top of the brood frames, placed the empty super (no frames) on top of the brood box and placed the second super with frames on top of that. It’s only been a week since I placed the apiguard tray in there.

I plan on feeding some of the honey back to them after the treatment is done. The temperature here is still in the low to high 80s so within apiguards recommended temperature. I also know that the wax on the super I left on there is tainted and I won’t be harvesting any honey from it. I didn’t want to remove it because I was worried they would get over crowded with the sudden removal of both supers. I didn’t witness any chewed up comb or any signs of advanced Varroa mite infestation. There was a little bit of a receding comb on the bottom of the brood frames but I have a mesh hive bottom so I assumed it was because the temperature near the mesh wasn’t warm enough. And I placed the bottom board in so the apiguard vapors don’t fall out. The hive looked totally healthy when I checked it on Sunday.

Do you guys think they’ll be ok? Have any of you been in similar situations?

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