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Will bees move down?

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Will bees move down?

We are in a situation I never had before so I am curious what people think about it. We have a very healthy hive that we brought through the New England winter and we gave them two deep boxes (10 frame Langstroth) and a honey super. However, it got so tight for them when they grew explosively in May/June that they had 3-4 swarms and there was still a very healthy population remaining. A few weeks after the swarms we went investigating and saw that there was no more brood in the brood nest so we thought there is no good queen left and planned to re-queen.

However, what we overlooked in our first investigation is that there is actually a lot of healthy new brood in the honey super which we put aside when we investigated since we used a queen excluder and didn't expect anything there. However, it seems that there was a queen cell in the honey super reaching low enough that the old queen could lay an egg into it through the excluder so now we have a hive with tons of honey in the two deep boxes below and the brood nest spread horizontally across 7 short frames on top.

The question is now whether we should just remove the queen excluder and let the hive naturally move lower or should we switch the order and put one of the deep boxes on top of the honey super with the brood nest? What do you guys think? For us honey production is secondary, we just want the hive to develop healthy so they have a chance to survive the next winter …

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