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Will a robbing attack also attack the brood?

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Will a robbing attack also attack the brood?

Yesterday I removed Apiguard from the hives. As instructed I smeared the remaining paste on the top bars.

I also removed some nearly empty syrup feeders. I believe that having the syrup out may have triggered a robbing attack as I saw some activity at the hive entrance with wrestling going on.

Today there a lots of dead bees out front but even more alarming is lots of dead brood. Everything from the young white larvae to older grey downed babies.

I'm wondering if the dead brood is a result of the robbing or possibly a result of me smearing the leftover Apiguard on the top bars and it killing the brood that they are now removing.

In any case I'm not feeling great about their chances this winter. Temperatures in the 40s from today until next weekend so I'm hesitant to open the hives to check.

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