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Why would a beekeeper kill bees instead of leaving them?!

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Why would a beekeeper kill bees instead of leaving them?!

I had some bees swarm in my yard yesterday and they settled on a bush in my driveway. I called around and a beekeeper agreed to come collect them today since they were in an inconvenient spot. They said they would just collect them and take them back to their farm. Today I wasn't home and they showed up to look at them, called me, said they would come back to get them. I pulled up to my house just in time to see them spraying them to death with something. Come to find out, they didn't even bring a bee box because they "forgot" and thought killing them would be easier cause they didn't want to come back later, especially in the heat. I am pissed! I didn't want them to kill the bees! I didn't give them permission to spray anything! There is a frog pond near by where they sprayed and now I'm worried all the frogs and aquatic life are going to die! I have other pets too, what if it harms them? They were even planning on just leaving a pile of dead bees there! I cannot think of any reason why they would kill them instead of just leaving them there.

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