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Why do my bees keep making capped queen cells?

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Why do my bees keep making capped queen cells?

Zone 7a. Package installed early April, two deeps of brood boxes. Frames are nearly drawn but plenty of room. Tons of pollen, a fair amount of brood but not tons, stored sugar syrup. Observed eggs and larva in all stages in both brood boxes.

Bottom brood boxes have queen cups with larva and several (4-5) capped queen cells. On my very last frame (against the wall) I observed a hatched queen cell and the tiniest queen ever (virgin?).

Previous inspections in early May showed capped queen cells. On 5/28 only one queen cell remained but the side was chewed out, and I assumed supercedure had successfully taken place as I observed eggs and brood.

So, why are they making more queens? Yes, they could use a bit more room in that I’m about to add a honey super, but there are plenty of empty cells and a few frames not yet drawn out. What do you think is going on and how should I proceed?

I don’t want them to swarm, but happy to let them supercede if they don’t like their queen for whatever reason.

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