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Where did the bees go?

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Where did the bees go?

I'm in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Last year, a hive got established in the interior walls of my 95-year-old apartment. A fabulous beekeeper came and got the queen and as many of the hive as she could. They arrived in July and were removed in September (the delay was in convincing my landlord to have a beekeeper take care of them).

Last Friday, I came home around 5:30 to find around 30 bees inside my apartment. Because this also happened last year, it didn't scare me. I know how to remove one bee at a time and take them outside with hurting them (also: ask me about bee poop!). Over the weekend, I figured out how they were getting inside (something I could never figure out last year).

Today, the maintenance guy came over around 3 and caulked all the inside spots where they were getting inside. I was expecting the bees to show back up in/around the apartment. It's now 7:15 and getting close to sunset and there's not a one to be seen or heard either inside or outside. Each day before today, they would all arrive from somewhere around 4ish until around 6:30 when they would go to sleep or into the hive or whatever they were doing.

Anyway, I'm wondering what happened.

Did the previous hive leave behind a queen who was born on Friday and that's when the hive that was left behind suddenly activated? Is that even a thing?

Did the queen relocate to nicer digs??

To be honest, I miss them which is odd since the ones getting inside kept me busy for a few hours every day.

Any insight as to what happened?

FWIW: Yesterday, I did finally start telling each one as I was carrying them outside to not come back inside and to spread the word… LOL

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