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When Do your queens stop laying in the fall?

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When Do your queens stop laying in the fall?

Northern Wisconsin. So I opened one hive earlier in the week to move it into a foam body (winter experment) and was disappointed to find only some capped brood. I finished what I was doing but assumed I must be queenless. Didn't spot her but some frames were so thick with bees, I could have easily missed.

So today I though, its probably too late but i could give the hive some eggs so I inspected #2. Disappointed, I found the same. Limited capped brood. Same story, didnt see the queen but could have easily been missed.

That made me think (since the two hive had similar genetics, buckfast i believe), is early September in WI early enough for them to stop laying? We've had a few nights that have dipped into the 40s and 30s.

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