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What’s max colony number per yard?

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What’s max colony number per yard?

Honey producers. I expanded this year from 3 colonies to 22. 10 nucs and 12 full colonies. I have beekeeping neighbors less than a mile away that have at least 20 hives-probably more. They make honey and are actually prominent beekeepers. I just think they have other yards where they keep more bees. I don’t know how many are at their house. I’m gonna use double screen boards next March and take it out and boost with nucs to hopefully make honey making machines. How many hives in an area are too many where they will deplete the resources? I live next to a small town on a piedmont with a mix of field, forest, and river access within a mile. Foothills of southern Appalachians we get a small sourwood flow here. Also, how easy is it to find people to buy nucs? I’ll be selling some next year and am wondering if it’ll be easy or hard to do. If it’s easy I might start some queen cells and have them ready to plant in new nucs ASAP for a good turnover. I will be going into my third year and it’s gonna be my first full operation year.

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