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What type of bee/wasp was I stung by?

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What type of bee/wasp was I stung by?

Hi beekeepers, hoping someone can help me out. While walking my dog today I came across a swarm of insects. At first I thought it was a swarm of flies and guessed a decomposing critter was there. When I got closer though they started to sting my dog and then me, and I noticed more coming out of what looked like a rabbit hole in the ground.

Clues: -In Scotland, UK. -Small, fly sized. -Classic yellow and black stripes. -Slim body. 100% not a bumblebee. -Seemed to be nesting in a burrow underground. Doesn't look like they made it, but I'm no expert, maybe they moved into a rabbit burrow. -Very aggressive, began stinging and chasing when we were still a few meters away. -Surrounding area is covered in ferns, not many trees or flowers in the immediate vicinity. -Stinger stayed in my finger, I'll attach a picture. Stinger

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