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What the heck is going on. I am new to beekeeping and I am confused.

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What the heck is going on. I am new to beekeeping and I am confused.

Hello fellow beekeepers. This is the first hive I am keeping on my own. Two weeks ago I went into the hive for the first time in two weeks (I was out of town). When I went into the hive, I found a ton of queen cells at the bottom of the frames in my top deep. They were sealed and had giant larvae in them. I destroyed them and a gal from the local beekeeping group I joined suggested that they were swarm cells and that next time I should save those queens instead of destroying them… for people that may need a queen. 1. Does anyone know how I can do that in the future? 2. I went in there yesterday and there were empty queen cups and I saw eggs in the upper box. I did not go digging for the queen this time but I saw her last week. I still have a lot of bees. They are growing well and I don't think they have swarmed but I have been reading and everything I am reading is saying that the bees are already primed to swarm. Wouldn't they have already gone? Am I in the clear? I am so lost. …Still having a blast and love my bees but I would just like to pick everyone's brain for any input and clarity. Thank you:)

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