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What is this bee-havior? (Accidental new beekeeper)

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What is this bee-havior? (Accidental new beekeeper)

Hullo, I've accidentally adopted several thousand bee children after coming home from vacation to find a feral hive had taken up residence in an empty plastic bin in my yard.

I have an experienced beekeeper coming over Thursday to tell me if I have the right kind of space to hive them properly and keep them, but for the time being I'm just enjoying watching them. They seem not to really mind me checking out their entrance and watching the foragers return home with pollen, but today a few individual bees have seemingly inspected me back – they are seeking me out on my balcony and hovering very close to me for an extended time, looking me up and down so to speak. If I walk away they follow.

Is this a complaint about my presence, or just curiosity, or something else? They ignored me all morning, but this afternoon there has been a lot of activity at their hive entry point and a couple bees are inspecting me whenever I go outside.

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