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what happened

So I check my hive on the weekends. 2 weeks ago I had a nice thriving hive even through rough summer here. Had been having problems with moisture but all appeared good. Hive was growing,active, and was getting larger. First sign I saw was pollen patty got Moldy so I removed the patty on my inspection. I missed my last weekend inspection due to a storm and just checked earlier tonight. So from 2 weeks ago all is well. And not seeing anything abnormal in passing since then to now– hive seems virtually dead. No dead bees found. There is maybe 2-300 bees left in hive. Did they swarm and duck tf out while I wasn't there? Queen die and didn't recover and I'm just seeing effects now from lack of brood? There is new comb made and capped honey. Just looking for insight. Ty.

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