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What got you excited recently?

We are grateful you are here

What got you excited recently?

Could be some growth in your hive, some honey you've recently harvested or literally anything else. Or even, what got you in this in the first place?

I'm posting with a group on behalf of r/hobbies. We're gathering what inspires people to get into a hobby and remain excited about it. If you're interested in what we are building, you can check out the current spreadsheet pinned there.

If your recommendation contains some sort of media reference (video, images, links, social media account, site, etc), linking that is appreciated. You've probably seen a similar post this this on a few other sub-reddits. Genuinely, we are just trying to census the community and give them a platform to speak on what excites them so that we can build a pathway for others to get into the hobby as well.

Any and all feedback is appreciated 🙂

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