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What does a wasp attack look like?

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What does a wasp attack look like?

I’m a first year beekeeper. I keep my bees in a field by my house. A neighbor used to keep bees there, but stopped because he lost several hives to wasps.

I have been vigilant in watching for signs of a wasp attack, but I guess I don’t k ow what I need to be looking for. I’ve spent hours watching the entrance, and I’ve never seen a wasp enter. However, I can usually spot 4-5 wasps in the vicinity of the hive.

I’ve got the entrance reduced down to half. The bees seem to be acting normal. They guard the entrance, but seem to come and go as normal without much agitation.

Long story short, what does a wasp attack look like? Do they just trickle in one at a time and do damage slowly? Or do they come in dozens and attack?

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