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What do I do with 2 fresh queens?

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What do I do with 2 fresh queens?

Edit: nvm, I'm still learning, I captured a drone in my excitement. Still need to hunt down the queen.

So new bee keeper here, I received a package of bees back in March and the hive grew in size fairly quickly and have not had any major issues. Last week I came home from a week vacation, checked the bees, and noticed they were fairly more aggressive than I was used to and I had not seen the queen, eggs, a few spots of larva, and mostly capped brood. So I decided it would be better to get a jacket and gloves (I had been using a veil and not much else without any problems) and do a full inspection.

Fast forward to today, and I found two uncapped queen cells and two queens, I could not find my original marked queen. So I captured one of the queens and am looking for advice as to what to to at this point. The hive has a lot of bees and capped brood (doesn't look like swarming due to almost no drone comb, but what do I know) so should I try and split the hive with my captured queen? I have a few months of good weather ahead here in Maryland, or should I keep the one?

Obligatory pictures of the cells and queen:



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