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Weird situation, could use some advice

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Weird situation, could use some advice

I live on the east coast of Canada, zone 6. All my colonies over wintered and were strong in the spring. I ordered some queens to do splits but they were continually delayed arriving. It got to the point were the colonies had made their own Queen cells and the ordered queens were pushed back again, so I cancelled. All of my subsequent splits worked, except for this one double deep colony. I noticed the first week of June the queen was gone, no fresh eggs, 5-6 queen cells. I figured I missed a swarm. I split them into 2 single deep colonies, each with half the queen cells plus I put 2 frames of fresh eggs in each. I kept one in my yard and transported the other an hour away. I made these splits June 12.

I kept a close eye on the one at home, but they didn’t make a queen. After 3 weeks I gave them two more frames that each had 2 queen cells…they tore them down. Now I notice sporadic drone brood, but on a meticulous inspection I saw only 10 cells with eggs, all had a single egg on the bottom, the other had 2. The population is still decent as I’ve provided eggs along the way.

I just went to check the other split colony which I took an hour away and it’s identical, no queen, sporadic drone brood, no eggs. These bees had that roar of a queen less hive.

I don’t know what’s going on, I know there is no queen, I’ve looked hard. Seems like laying workers would lay more eggs? Since they keep tearing down queen cells I’m afraid to introduce a mated queen, which I have coming today.

So, do I shake them out 100 yards from the colony and introduce new queen and some frames of fresh eggs? Or do I just give them the queen and cross my fingers?

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