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Weird Queen Situation

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Weird Queen Situation

Recently captured a swarm form my own hive that had swarm cells. I put them in a drawn deep and checked 1.5 weeks later. All that’s in there is honey and no eggs or larvae… and the crazy part is I found the queen during inspection. No way she could be a virgin since she swarmed… right? That’s my old queen from my own hive. I added an extra deep that’s already drawn to give her more space to lay if that’s the issue.

Additionally, my original hive still has no signs of a queen or eggs after a few weeks after swarm cells, and the population is falling. I’m hoping the queen is a virgin in this case and needs time. Before long I’ll purchase a queen. To clarify I am talking about two separate hives in this post.

But does anyone know why a mated queen wouldn’t lay after swarming in a new hive?

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