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Weird crystallizing?

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Weird crystallizing?

Brand new to this sub, specifically because I have a question. My dad has been beekeeping for about 10 years or so, and we live in northern Indiana if that makes a difference. Now onto my dilemma: after bottling honey this year, I was saving a quart for a friend. I left the jar in my room for about a week. My room gets cooler than the rest of the house, but nothing crazy, it might be like 58 degrees F in there at its coldest. After the week of sitting in my room, the entire jar of honey was crystallized, but not like honey usually would in my experience. Instead of coarse granules, it was very fine and not gritty at all, it was about the consistency of whipped honey and tasted normal. Does anyone know how or why this happened? Was it the temperature? Was there contamination that affected the honey? We just aren’t sure and are very curious, any help would be appreciated:)

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