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Ways to support/increase population of wild bee species?

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Ways to support/increase population of wild bee species?

I live in northern CA on a former 33acre ranch. We used to have a massive food garden, pollinator flower garden, and lots of fruit trees and native trees. We had sooo many bees we loved!! Carpenter bees, honeybees, bumble bees, mason bees, and of course ever loathed yellow jackets. We’ve had a few wildfires over the past few years that wiped everything out, obvs there was very little animal/plant/insect life but the animals are increasingly coming back. We are just starting our new veg garden and are putting in fruit trees to supplement the few that survived, plus scattering tons of wildflower seeds everywhere. There are still 0 bees though. What are some ways to foster/support natural bee populations of various species besides planting? I want to build some bee hotels to encourage Mason bees and other solitary pollinators but I’m concerned since it can’t help other types of bees, and I’ve read that bee hotels can foster wasps and invasive bees instead of native ones. I definitely don’t have the passion, time, money or equipment to dedicate to keeping hives—just the garden project and upkeep of the land is a ton—but I miss all the bees so much and want to have them back.

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