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Wax Moths!!

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Wax Moths!!

Tl;dr: I’m a first year beekeeper in Southern California. I need help with wax moths in a four-frame nuc.

My first hive is two boxes deep and doing very well going into the winter. However, the second hive I caught from a swarm died of queenlessness after they rejected the one I gave them. I would have tried with another one, but they were already very much dying because of wax moth infestation. My third hive is a four-frame split from the first in a nuc box. The equipment was previously treated with bacillus thurigiensis, but it was just wood, so I didn’t expect that to work. They have small entrances (4 of them, 1 inch wide) and not much extra space. The last frame is a feeder frame, so that space is full. Even so, they’re nearly wiped out by the moths. I squish them as much as I can, but it’s not working. All the advice I get is basically “don’t have a weak hive”. What can I do??

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