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I'm located in central Massachusetts

I have two hives where the queens are laying like crazy, however there are a few frames that the bees didn't draw out at all.

Anyone have any good tricks for getting them to build more wax later in the year? I've got the undrawn frames sandwiched between two well-drawn frames, but I'm things have been slow

One thing that I tried, which is actually working kinda well is scraping some honey off of a few fat frames and smearing it on an undrawn frame. I have one frame that I've been doing this to since June, and it's actually gotten to the point where the queen is laying in the cells. Unfortunately, this doesn't scale all that well, I've built up one frame in one hive.

Here it is when I first started trying this experiment

Here is is a week later

And here it is with larva after smearing honey and wax on it every friday for two months.

I've destroyed far more wax than they've built, but at least it's going towards eggs instead of making a 2-inch-thick frame of all honey.

Anything else I could be doing?

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