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Advice needed: We have been out of town for about 3 months and when we returned home we found honey bees in our RV. My husband eventually found the hive under the bedroom closet. We've always wanted honey bees on our property so my husband built a home for them. Last night he moved the honeycombs and whatever bees were attached to the combs to the new box. This morning there were bees still in the RV and it seemed like they were fighting each other, and the bees in the box seemed to be fighting each other too. We had to leave for the day, so my husband just went out to the RV to check on them and they've settled into 3 groups… One group is in the original closet, 1 group is under the RV, and the 3rd group is settled in the box. So now we don't know what to do. Should we force the groups together in the box or leave them be? They are very gentle with us, they only showed aggression to each other this morning. Any advice is very appreciated!

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