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Very old hive- help

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Very old hive- help

I’ve been studying bees for yeeeeeaaars and I was lucky enough to get my first two hives this year from an old beekeeper who can’t take care of them anymore. All the equipment was in rough shape. I have mites. One hive is the trunk of an old tree that you can’t get into or get honey from, but it’s around 400lbs of bees, honey, and wood. It’s on its own stand.

My question is that the other hive is a langstroth hive with a 10 frame deep and 2 small supers with no excluder. They have propolized the hell out of everything. When I took off both supers to expose the 10 frame deep to treat the bees for the first time- boy was it rough to get off. It made a mess of honey everywhere due to the comb built between the super and deep. Honey was all over the top bars. The frames are absolutely glued in place and even though it isn’t wild comb, it’s nearly that out of control looking.

How do I deal with this and try to clean it up? I’ll never be able to find the queen or inspect frames in the deep, but if I try to remove any of those 10 frames then I feel like I will do massive damage and do more harm than good. Last thing I want is to crush my queen. Any ideas?

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