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Varroa mite advice

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Varroa mite advice

Well it seems our governments have fucked something up once again… In Australia NSW here and received advice a week ago (being updated daily now) that varroa has entered our state via shipping port. Some conflicting information is coming to light which is another issue but I thought I would ask for people’s experience with it given most people around the world live with varroa and their bees. Varroa is not a new issue, and whilst I know it can devastate hives it clearly is possible to live with otherwise there wouldn’t be so many bee keepers in countries and regions varroa is present. So my question is, What is bee keeping WITH varroa like? How much more time/effort/money will managing this parasite take for an average backyard bee keeper? Is it a constant rollercoaster of emotions with lost hives or have people got some decent management strategies? Going by this sub, wintering in cold climates seems to be a bigger threat to hive longevity than varroa but thats just my perception I may be wrong. Our biosecurity people keep talking positive saying its going to be contained but I fear its too late now given its been detected in three separate zones and in over 600 hives potentially up to 12 months ago. I’m now wanting to prepare for a post varroa life because I don’t believe them for a second.

Any tips and advice is appreciated.

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