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Urban bee keeping and great success with neighbors

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Urban bee keeping and great success with neighbors


so I am a new urban backyard beekeeper in miami FL, down here we have state protections for beekeeping that preempt municipalities, so while I can’t have chickens I can have bees.

I got my hive last Friday, and as I didn’t have a busy week with school I decided to do a mini public awareness campaign with my neighbors! Just wanted to share my success here.

The easiest thing I was able to get several neighbors on board with is decreasing lawn mowing frequency. I printed out the USDA study on this, and showed them photos of my own lawn which I started mowing fortnightly about a month ago in preparation. Several neighbors enthusiastically agreed, including a developer down the street who owns a 1 acre empty lot awaiting permits.

More difficult was letting certain shrubs/trees grow more organically as to not stifle flowers. We have a lot of subtropical/tropical shrubs that bees enjoy, but most people have gardeners who make them into perfect shapes which unfortunately usually prevents them from flowering (especially wild coffee). I only got one neighbor on board with letting them grow during the spring until they flower.

Last one was pesticides. I tried to talk to them about BTI and how backyard private mosquito spraying doesn’t work, but didn’t push hard as I could tell many had no intention of stopping.

Tl;dr: neighbors destroyed by FACTS and LOGIC

Share your experiences with neighbors!

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