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Update – still no hive beetles

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Update – still no hive beetles

Posted previously that combination of Apimye hive modified with Guardian entrance had not hive beetles
Another complete check and still not a single beetle in the hive.

Interesting note though I did find lots of beetle larvae, however they were on the bottom board of the hive. This is important because in the design of these Apimye hives that board is not actually in the hive. The larvae were in the bits of wax, pollen, etc. dropping from the hive onto this tray. Which I dumped out and birds had a field day on.
So it is clear the beetles are active, larvae exist, but none are getting into the hive.

I will be doing two other hives to test. 1. standard wooden hive with Apimye top/bottom with modified Guardian – expect same results. 2. standard wood hive with Guardian top and bottom entrance – this will largely test the top entrance.

I think solution to beetles, especially for smaller beekeepers is keeping the beetles from ENTERING hive not simply trying to trap/manage them when in the hive. You have to really ensure hive is tight and any entrance/ventilation blocks beetles

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