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Update on the bee genocide that occurred in my driveway yesterday

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Update on the bee genocide that occurred in my driveway yesterday

Link to original post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Beekeeping/comments/w6l4vx/why_would_a_beekeeper_kill_bees_instead_of/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

I told my neighbor who recommended the beekeepers what happened and they were horrified. I assumed they called them and yelled at them since they feel somewhat responsible for what happened. I called the beekeepers several times as well and they did not answer. It turns out that they were on their way to my house. They stopped by and gave me a jar of honey and sincerely apologized for killing the bees, but kept changing the subject when asked about the spray. I assume it was just some kind of bug spray they picked up from the store on the way over because it looked and smelled similar. They did confirm that they killed the bees because it was easier for them, since they forgot all the necessary equipment to properly contain the bees… I am not sure how they managed that given that they knew they were collecting bees before coming here yesterday. They did also say that the bees weren't aggressive or trying to sting them much, just that they were agitated and flying around a lot, making it harder to collect, which is another reason why they killed them instead. I decided not to press it anymore since they were here to apologize for how they handled the situation. They said if I ever had a swarm on my property again to call them and they will bring a bee box to collect them in and that I can keep the bee box to start keeping my own bees if I would like. I am not sure if I will be contacting them again and am looking for information regarding the beekeeper association in my area. I do not agree with how they handled the situation, but I am glad they sincerely apologized and regretted what they did.

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