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Ugh. Another “why did my bees die” post.

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Ugh. Another “why did my bees die” post.

Gah I swore this would be the year they survive. I’ve read, watched videos, talked to experienced beekeepers around me, treated for mites in the fall, fed fed fed, wrapped the hive in tarpaper, and put an entrance reducer on. I’ve also supplemented with winter patties as directed by the manufacturer. The only thing I can come up with is that I had seen articles talking about airflow and sticking a small piece of wood (3/4 x 3/4 inch) under the lid to allow for airflow and evaporation. Maybe it was too high? I have a slatted rack for a bottom board but it has a cover underneath and I over wrapped the tar paper around the gaps in the bottom. Could air have blown up that and froze them My other hive had the same setup and they are bristling with bees.

I have two deeps and the top box is 9/10 frames full of honey. Obviously, they all fell to the bottom.

So give it to me straight…what did I do to kill my poor bees?!? If it helps, I’m zone 6b, US. Exhibits A and B

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