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Two Hives Lost; storing frames

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Two Hives Lost; storing frames

Hi there. I had 2 hives. One of my hives absconded (SHBs) and the other got weak/small enough (long story) that I lost it about a week ago in the cold weather. I am going to try again next year but am wondering about frame storage. I now have 32 frames with built comb: 16 from the absconded hive, which were empty but for some bee bread, and 16 from the dead-out, which do have some stored and (mostly) uncapped honey. I've frozen/thawed/dried all the absconded/empty frames and got a big box to store them in for the winter.

I am not sure what to do with the 16 frames from the other hive, the ones that have honey. I can't give them to another hive since I don't have any more. How can I clean out the honey before freezing/storing? I can't harvest it since I treated the hives with Apivar in the fall.

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