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Transitioning to 8-frame medium hive

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Transitioning to 8-frame medium hive

So I took some of your advice, Redditors, and I put some medium boxes into the brood space today. I was able to consolidate the two deeps I had on each hive into one on each hive. There was very minimal nectar and pollen to leave out for robbing afterwards. I placed the medium boxes on top of the deeps.

Also, exciting news for me, I did my second alcohol wash this season on my 10-frame hive. Last time I had 5-6 mites in the cup. I did a treatment of MAQS: two strips for 10 days (I know it is recommended 7, but it was pouring rain for several days and I made the executive decision to not remove the strips in the downpour). There were 0 mites in the cup!!! My first mite free wash! I’m pretty excited. I washed them twice just to be sure.

Next week I’ll wash my 8-frame hive again.

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