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Transferring a mating nuc into a nuc

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Transferring a mating nuc into a nuc

Hi all

Based in Ireland and second year beek. I have a main hive which superseded in May and my new queen is doing really well. However, as a back up, I developed a queen in a mating nuc/apidae and she is also mated and laying pretty well.

I am wondering now in advance of wintering, what would be the best way to transfer the mating nuc into a regular nuc to build up their numbers and stores. I don’t want to see a really viable queen not get used.

I saw a video of someone setting up a poly nuc with some stores and then transferring the comb from the mating nuc into empty frames (held in place with elastic bands) and then into the poly nuc. I am just wondering if there are other techniques before taking this step? Did a google and not finding a huge amount of guidance on this. I asked a few beeks around here and the generally would use frames of brood form other hives but I don’t want to disturb my main hive as it’s building up it’s numbers after supersedure!


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