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Top Bar Split Day: Year-old Colony

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Top Bar Split Day: Year-old Colony

The day was warmer than originally forecast – 85F / 30C and dry. I now have hives Alpha and Omega, each with 11 bars.

I went through 17 combs in various states of completion, then added 3 vacant combs from last year and 2 empty bars for now.

I never did find the queen. Chances are very good that she was on a comb. The original colony wasn't so overrun that I couldn't check loose bees very carefully. I killed 4 loose small hive beetles!

Swarm cells stayed in Alpha. More than half of the capped brood and about half of the food went to Omega. As few drones as possible were transferred. I maintained the relative order of combs in each hive.

By the time I was done 35 minutes later, Omega was quiet and Alpha was buzzy. I'm hoping that means the queen hitchhiked over to Omega. I'll keep an eye on the colonies over the next few days without opening them up.

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