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Too late to split w closed queen cells

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Too late to split w closed queen cells

Hello, Is it too late to do a split if the hive has a closed queen cell and what appears to be an emerged queen?

During most recent inspection, I found several closed queen cells and what appeared to be one queen cell that had already emerged/made a queen (open bottom, ruffled edges of the opening etc) Is it too late to pull the other frames w cells into a split/couple of Nuc boxes. I couldn’t find the old marked queen but did find eggs. Would think if the new queen was already laying she would’ve killed the other queen cells already. Wondering if old queen had laid eggs then swarmed and I just happened to do the inspection within 3 days of old queen laying and swarming.

Is there any harm in splitting the hive now and if I don’t see eggs in the old hive in a week or two, introducing a new purchased queen?

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