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Today I messed up, BAD

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Today I messed up, BAD

So today during a routine hive inspection, I made several terrible mistakes.

First, the veil on my jacket is ripped, so today I just put on the veil with the elastic that goes under my arms. This was mistake number one.

Then, halfway through the inspection, I dropped one edge of a frame. It landed against the hive body so no damage done, but it immediately sent the hive – which was already unusually aggressive – into an uproar. This was mistake number two.

Then, I felt a bee land on my throat. No clue how she got up into my veil. Now, I sometimes have pretty bad local reactions with a lot of swelling and pain – I haven't been stung on the throat yet and I did NOT want to find out what would happen if I was. So as soon as I felt the bee leave my throat, I pulled the edge of the veil away from my chest in an effort to let the bee out. This was mistake number three, because the second I did several more bees swarmed up into my veil.

So at this point I'm slowly walking away from the hive, trying to remove the veil slowly enough as to not spook the bees into stinging. I got the veil off, but I started feeling bees buzzing my head and landing in my hair. And this is where I made my fourth, final, and worst mistake: I panicked. I started trying to swat the bees away, which of course just made them angrier, and it turns out there were more of them following me than I thought. The more bees swarmed my head, the more I panicked.

I got away with 3-4 stings on the top of my head, one on my hand, one through my jeans and one through my shirt. It gave me the immediate worst headache I've ever had in my entire life and the pain made me so nauseated I could barely take medication for it. But the worst injury is to my pride – I feel so stupid! I know better than to panic like that, and I know that if I'd just kept walking I probably wouldn't have gotten stung at all. Not to mention that my hair is so thick I don't think the bees even would have been able to sting my head had I not essentially been pushing them into my scalp in an attempt to swat them away!

So that's my sordid story, posted as a warning to all. Never forget words of the great Douglas Adams himself . . . DON'T PANIC!

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