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Tips on adding mated queen to Queenless Hive

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Tips on adding mated queen to Queenless Hive

Hey all, so I have a queenless hive. No brood, no eggs, no larvae.

10 days ago there was a Queen Cell Capped and looking juicy, but it has yet to hatch. I put in a frame of eggs and brood from my stronger hive. They made a cup on that frame but it's empty and the brood is almost all hatched.

So I am picking up a Local Queen tomorrow. I know I need to knock down all cells and cups that exist. Is there anything else?

It is a Double Brood Chamber. Should I shake the bees down to one chamber or just leave it as it is? There is plenty of space for the queen to lay once she is released

Any tips to make this go smoothly?

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