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TIFU beekeeping edition.

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TIFU beekeeping edition.

I have a single hive. Was doing really great for the first half of the year. Then I started to notice bees with deformed wings in my yard and mites in drone brood cells. Had to wait until temps dropped to use mite away quick strips which seemed to take forever(locations is Minnesota.)

I watched videos and read the instructions. I off set my two brood boxes just like it said. BUT, I didn't think about robbing since I've never really seen it. I went about my day and 7 hours later I walk out to my hive only to find fighting bees, wasps, yellow jackets and thousands of dead bees on the ground.

I immediately put some screen in the gaps and within minutes the frenzy stopped. I'm hopeful that there wasn't too much damage but also crushed and disappointed in my stupidity/being a novice. Live and learn I guess.

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