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Thoughts about spiders.

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Thoughts about spiders.

Afternoon, Beeks.

I am hoping to get kind of a broad opinion here.

I have a new bee yard as of this year, and due to high wind concerns my hives in that yard are in small hollows a bit tucked under some willow trees. They don’t get as much sun as I would normally give them.

As a result I’ve had a whole heck of a lot of spiders making webs underneath the hive and inside the outer covers/sometimes in the secondary exits in said covers.

I’ve seen a handful of dead bees in there. All told all season maybe 20-30 between 6 hives since I installed all the nucs in may.

Of course, it’s that time of year where the yellowjackets and hornets come knocking, and instead of clearing out the spiders every inspection like I have been, I’m wondering if it actually might be better to just leave em in? I have even seen SMBs and earwigs in the webs inside the outer cover, and I’m starting to think that, depending on the time of year and hive activity it might just be better to let the spiders stay.

Anyone have any insights, opinions, or strong feelings about this?

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