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They’re Comb-Building Maniacs!

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They’re Comb-Building Maniacs!

So, my ladies have been building like crazy, but have been doing so in some…. interesting…places.

Info: I stopped feeding (wood hive-top feeder with floats) during our vacation a couple of weeks ago (it was a new package, installed in early May.) I dumped my last gallon in, happy that the hydrangeas were about to bloom, with which the bees go wild. We got back from our road trip, and when I opened up the cover, the bees had begun making comb in the feeder in a hollow between the wells of the feeder. However, they still have 2 empty outer frames per 8-frame deep, and I'm running 2 deeps, so I don't think they're too overcrowded. My questions are:

  1. Should I add a super? I didn't really plan to collect anything this year, but I don't want to run out of space.
  2. I should probably remove the feeder, but how do I get the hundreds of bees that are there BACK into the hive? I don't want to harm them, but they're in a hell of a nook, and I'm afraid I'll kill a bunch trying to get them out.
  3. The comb they have made in a few frames actually connects 2 frames…what to do?

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