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There’s a hive in my house

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There’s a hive in my house

Exactly as the title states.

I have bees making a hive in the front wall of my house.

They got in through the expansion space between the walls, and I only noticed them three days ago.

I'd gone out the front yard to check the mail, when I saw about a dozen bees hanging around the one spot.

The second day, there were twice as many.

Today I can hear them in the wall in the study, humming away.

I called the local bee guy, who is happy to try and get them out for relocation, but that's the best case scenario. Bad option is to open up the wall (from the inside of the house). Worst case scenario is to kill them all.

Because we're now heading into spring and summer, bee guy said to start the aircon up early (evaporative rooftop system) because the vibration of the unit can make them want to leave on their own. So I'll try that to start with.

Bee guy will come back in the next day or two and try to locate the main part of the hive, but I really don't want to open up the walls. As far as I can tell, they haven't made their way into the roof space yet.

We bought this place less than a year ago and it's costing more than we bargained for.

Are there any other ways to get the bees to move out on their own?

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