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The solstice is upon us

We are grateful you are here

The solstice is upon us

Good morning fellow beekeepers!

It is my duty to inform and remind everyone that today is June 21st, the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year! With that, a shift in season and expectations comes along. For anyone who doesn't know, honeybees count their days by comparing yesterday to the day before. This means that after tomorrow, your hives will eventually notice that yesterday had a bit less sun than the day previous and that, how did Game of Thrones put it? "Winter is coming."

It should be a gradual change, but attitudes about things like inspections and nectar incomes will become more important to your bees, since now it's a ticking clock for the survival of the hive until the last flower blooms for the year.

For those more skilled, this does mean that in the next month or two, we'll see retirements. Some of those retiring will be newbies who don't know about this change will say things like "Do my bees hate me?" They don't, they're just in winter mode, it's not easy to lend $100 when you don't know when and where the next paycheck will be coming from. You're more than welcome to encourage these newbies to keep trying or scavenge them. I say this because they'll post all of their stuff on craigslist or other community boards as they doubt themselves for half to a third of what they bought it for. You do need to be able to evaluate a hive for disease and be ready to treat whatever you bring home.

We'll also see some of the older beekeepers that tend to be above reddit age will also retire, though they're usually a lot more steady on their prices and aren't above just subcontracting the extra hives out. Those beekeepers are just looking to retire properly.

Welcome everyone, to winter prep season!

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